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What my musings are all about...

Blogging might well be the 21st century's form of journaling. As a writing teacher, I have always advised my students to keep a daily journal as a way of organizing their thoughts for future writing projects, a discipline I have unfortunately never consistently practiced myself. By blogging, I might finally be able to follow my own good advice.

The difference between journaling and blogging is that the blogger opens his or her writing to the public, something journal- writers are usually reluctant to do. I am not so reticent.

The trick for me will be to avoid cluttering the internet with more blather, something none of us need more of. If I stick to subjects I know: sports and literature, I believe I can avoid that pitfall. I can't promise that I'll not stray from time to time to comment on ancillary subjects, but I will make every attempt to be interesting and perhaps even insightful.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pro Immigrant and Proud and etc

Howrah for super lightweight contender, Jose Ramirez for being proud of his immigrant status and placing billboards to that effect all over California's central valley. Jose, you can put my name up there with yours. I am an immigrant. I came to the United States after the Second World War, a stateless kid of 8 years old. son of Russian immigrants. I spoke little English. At  that  time, the United States was being poisoned by Senator McCarthy's red scare, Russians were all being accused of being Communists. The atmosphere was much like President Trumps scurrilous attack upon Hispanic people. McCarthy and his cronies were calling people like me pinkos and traitors, the way Trump is calling Mexicans, murderers, rapists and terrorists. We're talking deja vue all over again. Right Yogi? We need all immigrants to the United States to follow Jose Ramirez's lead and put up their own billboards across this land.

If Donald Trump had been president in our country's 1950's he would have been subpoenaed by the House Un-American Committee for consorting with Vladimir Putin. Oh, I get it, the Republicans are telling the country by their silence that Putin is not a Communist and not an enemy of the Untied States. LIARS! How much more proof do you  need that Putin is a killer, a trigger pulling ex-KGB officer who has murdered his political opposition and is cyber-attacking us. Perhaps, the Republicans would like to move to Russia and become part of the Russian Duma. Huh, guys, is that what you'd prefer, to live in an oligarchy, ruled by Vladimir Putin? If so, I'll spring for airline tickets. Not only does your party whore for the NRA, you are now PIMPING FOR PUTIN.

What a coincidences, free agent Eric Reid, an outspoken African American 49er Safety and critic of police brutality and supporter of Colin Kaepernick, is not getting a lot of requests by other NFL teams for his services. Do we live in a Racist Society? You bet we do!

As much as it broke your March Madness brackets, (and mine) you have to love these upset teams: Buffalo, Marshall, and last night's 16th seeded UMBC fantasticals  pounding # 1 University of Virginia.

Hat's off too, to Virginia's coach, Tony Bennett, for his very adult, no whining comments after the game. There are lessons to be learned from hard losses. Sorry Coach Lombardi.

Bracketology     by Tom Meschery

    First, lay out the brackets neatly in front of you so there should be no wrinkles
that would inhibit a clear vision of each team, as there are many teams that are
unworthy and exist only to confuse you
    Start drinking coffee. Have more than one pencil because the choices are numerous
and the day is long, and outside the world is going on without you. Be sure the pencils
are sharpened to a fine point.
    Beware of the first round of sixty-four teams and the bubbles teams many of which
would have played in the NIT. One of those teams will surprise you and ruin
a bracket. At that moment you will consider suicide.
    Do not drink alcohol
    It is wise to listen to the experts, but eschew the ones with loud voices. Remember
da Vinci, "Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence."
    Do not believe in the teams closest to your heart: they will betray you. You will not
go wrong if you start with the highest seeded teams, but understand the theme of
Greek tragedy that we suffer most when the mighty fall.
    When you get to the Sweet Sixteen, do not be deceived by its adolescent name.
There is nothing sweet about defense and rebounding; therein lies the secret to
winning, but some will be seduced by offense. Do not follow their lead.
    It is wise to rise from your desk and exercise before picking the Elite Eight.
You might consider a gift for your wife as she has missed you and is weeping.
    Re-sharpen your pencils. Continue to avoid alcohol.
    With eight teams left, your confusion is mighty. At this point, it would be
worthwhile checking with the secretaries in your office who have probably
already picked the winners in the office pool according to the team's names
and colors. Never repeat this in public as you will called a misogynist. But
neither should you ignore their advice, for intuition often out performs logic.
    When you get down to the Final Four, consider prayer. God loves
basketball, but be aware that the Devil is in the details.
    Once you make your picks, do not go back and change any as it will insure
the ones you changed were the correct choices.
    Turn in your brackets boldly. Begin drinking alcohol.